Fruits Cure Fever

When you are suffering from fever, you usually go to the doctor and get the prescribed medicines to cure it. But it is really amazing thing to control and cure your fever by eating the fruits. The fruits are rich in nutrition, vitamins and also minerals which will control the fever causing viruses inside your body and bring back your normal life. But at the same time, don’t go for the fruit based supplements to drink for controlling your fever because the natural fruits are only the safe and effective way to control your fever better.

Eating natural fruits is absolutely a good way to take care of your health to get more nutritional values in order to naturally cure your fever without the consumption of any medications. The following are the most suitable fruits to control the fever of the people and also cure it. Everyone even children can take such natural fruits when you are ill with fever. Such fruits are not only providing you several nutrients but they will also help improving your overall body immunity to get rid of the symptoms and effects of the fever as quick as possible.

Best fruits to cure fever:

Apple Fruits

  • Apple – Apple is really the best kind of fruit which is a right one to completely detox your body. When you have an apple per day, you don’t need to go to the doctor in your lifetime. If you are suffering from fever and you need to control it, you can take one or two apples in a day. Apples always help preventing your body cell damage and also increase the entire body resistance with the higher amount of the flavonoids. It as well as contains more amounts of antioxidants and several other vitamins to improve your immunity for controlling fever. Taking an apple will also give you more vitamin B and folic acid contents to help preventing the cancer and heart diseases.

Pomelo Fruit

  • Pomelo – It is a new type of citrus fruit which helps reducing your fever better. It is generally the vitamin C rich fruit which will provide you several health benefits to reduce fever, prevent cancer, lower your cholesterol levels and etc. These Pomelo fruits also contain some of the natural compounds named lycopene and limonoids to give you amazing health benefits. The vitamin C content in this Pomelo will increase the amount of white blood cells in your body thus it is the best resistant to the cold and fever along with reducing the discomforts regarding such diseases.

Banana to treat your fever:

Banana is the most famous type of fruit eaten by several numbers of people. But many of them don’t know bananas are the best medicine for treating your fever. When you have a cold and fever, your body commonly requires more amount of calories than you normally intake. If you are eating bananas, they will provide extensive numbers of calories to deal with it. A single banana fruit usually contains about 105 calories along with the highest content of the popular micronutrients such as magnesium, potassium and also the natural sugars. Thus, it helps everyone gets back your energy and overall health as quick as possible. While getting fever, you feel more body pain because it is a sign of lacking magnesium content in your body. If you are consuming bananas, it will provide enough amount of magnesium to reduce your body pain and give more energy.

Now days, it is the latest trend of making the banana tea as the syrup to cure your fever. If you are taking banana in this tea form, it will give you more energy and better feel to get rid of the discomfort situations. The following are the preferable steps to easily and quickly make the banana tea to drink when you have fever.

  • In order to make the banana tea, first of all you should have to wash a banana thoroughly and cut its two heads.
  • You have to boil it in the certain amount of water together with the peel. Everyone should need to keep the peel of banana for making this tea because it has so much of nutrition values. It is enough to boil it for about 7 to 10 minutes.
  • After that, let it cool and drink. It is better drinking this banana tea before you are going to sleep at night.

This banana tea is fragrant with the mild sweetness in taste. Bananas generally has tryptophan which is the ancestor to melatonin helping your entire body relax and regulate your sleep better.

Grapes Fruit

How grapes treat your fever?

Grape is generally rich in the fiber content and also the several numbers of nutrients in order to boost your overall immune system. It happens by increasing the amount of delta T and gamma cells in your body. The grapes can easily and effectively prevent and treat all types of fever. The nutrients existing in this fruit will be greatly beneficial to also preventing heart disease, cancer and also increase the blood level in the user’s body.

  • Everyone can intake grapes with the yogurt or in the form of juice in the morning and also afternoon time. It is definitely the delicious fruity dish and also nutritious to help controlling and curing the fever symptoms.
  • If you don’t like to eat fresh grape fruits, you can as well as eat dried grapes which are also known as raisins.

When you are taking dried fruits while having fever, it will completely reduce it and improves your body overall energy. A lot of studies have also proved that the raisins are very helpful to reduce the risk of different cardiovascular diseases. Instead of the raw dried grapes, you can also take raisin juice to completely detox your body and cleanse your liver.

All these suggested fruits are really great choices to eat for the best treatment of cold and fever by also increasing your overall body immune system and energy.