Fruits to treat Cough-and-cold

When you have cold, it will definitely give so many health related issues like headache, sore throat, throat pain, breathing problems, runny nose, cough and more. Cold may happen due to the climate or season or when you eat so many sweets which immediately affect your throat to get pain. Some of the individuals are often getting the cold and cough due to the decreased immune system. In this modern world, everyone is going to the hospital to check their body and get the most suitable treatment to cure their cough and cold. But there are several natural remedies available to treat these conditions. When you are searching for the natural home remedies to treat the cold and cough, the following are the best and suitable fruits that surely cure these conditions.

Popular fruits for cold & cough:

Fresh and juicy fruits are the most suitable things to strengthen your immunity system to cure cold and cough. It is essential to hydrate your body often with the fruit juices regularly. The following are the most famous fruits which should be an integral part of your diet to give more nutrition.  


  • Apples – The apples are absolutely the most famous source of the antioxidants in everyone’s diet. Taking an apple per day will surely provide the best antioxidant effect which is equivalent to the 1,500 mg of vitamin C. At the same time, the apples are as well as loaded with the anti-infective features which will reduce and treat your cold and cough. If you are regularly taking apples, they can prevent cancer and heart disease.


  • Vitamin C fruits – Vitamin C fruits are highly beneficial to cure the cold and cough. All the fruits which are rich in the vitamin C will be greatly helping cure the cough and cold. Some of the popular vitamin C fruits are lemon, oranges, sweet lime, strawberries and all other valuable sources of the vitamin C.

pears, peaches

  • Fiber rich fruits – The fruit which are rich in fiber content will be greatly useful to strengthen your immunity. Once your immune system is strong, the cold and cough can be easily cured. The suitable fiber rich fruits to treat cough & cold include pears, peaches, melons and etc.

Other fruits to cure cold:

  • Grapes – The grapes are also the most effective fruit for the people who are all suffering from the symptoms of cough due to cold. You can eat the raw grapes or drink the grape juices which can ease your lungs and help relieving the cough.

guava, papayas

  • Hot fruits – The cough and cold might be caused usually by the seasonable allergies. When there is a change of season or temperature, many people are getting these allergenic effects. In order to get rid of these health problems, it is better eating the hot fruit or the fruit which will generate heat in your body. Such types of fruits are really beneficial in the treatment of the cold & cough. The fruits like guava, papayas, lichee, apricot and also the cherries are some of the hot fruits which will generate heat in your body in order to cure the cold caused in the summer season. When you are eating these kinds of fruits one by one for the few days, you can surely get the complete cure from the effects of cold and cough.
  • Cranberries – The cranberries are the best in the antioxidant effects and they are definitely the natural probiotics which will enhance the good bacteria to protect you from the effects of illnesses like cough and cold.


  • Bananas – The bananas are surely the flu fighting fruits because they are top sources of the vitamin B6 and also reduce cold and cough. The bananas are also high in potassium, and magnesium which help preventing the high blood pressure and heart disease.

Vitamin C rich fruits:

The fruits which are rich in vitamin C content can surely boost your overall body immune system. A lot of health experts are suggesting the patients who are all suffering from the cold and cough should need to pick the best choices of the vitamin C fruits which can perfectly fight against the cold and cough by providing the related infectious diseases. Lemon is the best fruit which is rich source of the vitamin C content. At the same time, it contains the extraordinary healing power of antioxidants to fight against the swine flu and all other infections causing the cold infections.

Now days, there are several options of the vitamin C supplements existing to reduce the health risks of the common cold. But they are dangerous with the additives and preservatives. Natural sources of the vitamin C are only the good choices for treating the cold and cough at all. Oranges are also the good source of the vitamin C to treat flu, cold and also cough. You can take oranges as the raw fruits or in the juice format to fight against the infection caused by the cold. If you are searching for the some other best sources of vitamin C, you can choose the kiwi fruit which are exceptionally higher in the vitamin C. At the same time, the kiwi fruits are also right in folate, vitamin E, carotenoids and also polyphenols.

Vitamin D rich fruits which reduce the risk of cold:

Vitamin D is another essential nutrient which plays a vital role in the treatment of the cold and cough. Whenever you are looking forward to the best fruit which are high source of the vitamin D, orange juice has 25 % of vitamin D to perfectly cure cold & cough symptoms. All the vitamin D fruits are also potent antimicrobial agent to kill the viruses, bacteria and also fungi to improve the immune system and reducing the effects of influenza, cold and also some other respiratory infections. The fruits which are high in vitamin D level can have the best abilities to reduce the risk of flu, cold and all other related infections.