Fruits that cure constipation

Constipation Fruits – Constipation is the condition of digestive system where individual is having hard feces which are difficult to expel. Most of the cases, it occurs because of colon absorbed too much water from food. When it comes to the causes of constipation then it includes certain medications, physical activity and aging. Generally, constipation is illustrated as having less than the 3 bowel activities in a week. Infrequent constipation is normal and some of the people might experience chronic constipation which might interfere with their capability to go about daily tasks. Treatment for the chronic constipation might depend on part of underlying cause. It mostly occurs when stool or waste moves too slowly via digestive track or might be eliminated efficiently from rectum. Causes of the chronic constipation might include

  • Blockages in the rectum or colon
  • Problems with nerves around rectum and colon
  • Difficulty with muscles involved in the elimination
  • Condition which affect hormone in the body

If you are looking to get rid of constipation then you must eat lots of high fiber foods at your diet like vegetables, fruits, beans, bran and whole grain cereals.

Amazing fruits for constipation relief

Eating fruits is best ways to relieve from constipation and there are plenty of fruits are there which is sufficient to treat constipation which includes


As everyone knows pearl is delicious fruit which contain lots of dietary vitamins and fiber. It is cheap and readily available. According to the studies says that average size pear is approximately having 6 gram of fiber. Half of the fiber is found in pears skin so you must eat pears with the skin in order get maximum benefits. Pear juice or pear is really useful to prevent or reduce constipation.

Banana Fruit


Banana is famous fruit because of its taste, nutrition value and consistency. It is easily digestible so it is the best choice to toddlers and babies. It is having amazing amounts of fiber, vitamins and potassium. Average size banana might contain 3 gram of fiber which is ten percentage of your daily requirement. You must eat ripe banana in order to relive your constipation because unripe banana might make constipation worse.

Apple Fruit


Eating apple keeps constipation away because it is having type of fiber which is called as pectin. Apple is useful to soften stools and relive constipation. According to the studies says that average size of apple consists of 3 gram of dietary fiber. At the same time apple is rich in minerals and vitamins that it is useful to keep you healthy. However soluble fiber is found in apple because it is useful to lower cholesterol level in blood.

Prunes Fruits



Prune is rich in both insoluble and soluble fiber. Eating hundred gram of prune offers you seven gram of the fiber that is about quarter of your daily needs. It is having huge amounts of the sorbitol which might naturally occurring sugar with the laxative properties. It can absorb water and acts as the osmotic laxative.

Avocado Fruit


Avocado is unique among fruits because it has excellent fat content. It is having huge amount of the good fat which can minimize cholesterol levels. In a modern world most of the people love to eat avocados because of its cholesterol lowering effects. Fortunately avocados are having high fiber content and medium size of the avocado contains 14g of fiber that is more than the apples, pears and bananas. For your breakfast, you might make sandwich with creamy flesh of the avocados that could be best and easy remedy to your constipation.

Blackberry Fruit


It is the low calories fruits which are considered as the healthy food because it is loaded with the essential fiber and nutrients. Apart from that it is having special type of sugar that is also known as Xylitol because it is having laxative effects. Eating cup of the blackberries might make your bowel movements easy and soft.

Orange Fruits


Orange is useful to relieve constipation in 3 ways. First and foremost it is having significant qualifies of the fiber that is most important one for soft stools. Medium size orange is having three gram of fiber. The second thing, it has excellent amount of water and eating fiber rich foods without sufficient amount of water is useless because it may make constipation worse. Water content of the orange makes it completely easy to acquire enough water. Thirdly, orange consists of high levels of the vitamin c and it is having laxative properties.

Blueberry Fruit


It is the little fruits which is queen of healthy foods. This fruit is offering amazing numbers of the health benefits. Of course, eating blueberries are one of the best treatments for the chronic constipation.

Apricot Fruit


It is orange colored fruits which is surprising natural remedy for the chronic constipation. There is no matter whether you are eating fresh or dried apricots, it could be the good source of the insoluble and soluble fiber. It has amazing amounts of beta carotene which has powerful antioxidant properties.

Excellent treatment for constipation

If you are looking to relieve from constipation in natural way then you must stay hydrated. Increasing fiber intake might maximize the bulk and consistence of the bowel movements. Basically two kinds of the fibers are there like soluble and insoluble fibers. In order to prevent constipation, you must consume mix of the insoluble and soluble fibers. If you are constipated then you must do regular walks. Herbal laxative Senna is widely used to relieve constipation but you are advisable to eat fruits because it is useful to achieve your desire results.


Majority of the fruit is packed with the fiber. In case you find yourself constipated then you must drink big glass of water. You must pay attention to you eat and drink. Constipation is preventable and many natural constipation relief remedies are available that is useful to improve your bowel function. Certain factors might contribute to the constipation such as stress, poor diet, inactivity, imbalance in the intestinal flora and certain medications so try to eat healthy fruits.