Significant fruits that reduce our body heat in this summer

During the summer season, lots of people are facing huge sweating and fighting against the hot climate. With this, their body heat level will be increased and cause several health issues. The higher amount of heat in the human body is commonly known as the heat stress which will occur basically when you have more exposure to the higher temperatures which are all not suitable for your body. The normal temperature level of the human body usually ranges from 36.5 to 37.5 degree Celsius. Inability to cool down your body and get more amount of body temperature more than the normal range usually refers to the body heat. When you are getting more heat to the body during the summer season, you can recover it with the help of some of the natural fruits. The following natural fruits will have an ability to gradually reduce your body heat and enhance your sleepiness, reduce burning sensations in your eyes, uneasiness in the stomach, digestion problems and ulcers.

Summer Fruits

Lemon and cucumber for reducing heat:

When you have heat body or you are highly exposure to the hot sun during the summer season, it is highly necessary to take additional steps to reduce the heat with the natural fruits and other foods. Otherwise, you will get some serious consequences due to the high temperature of body heat. In order to cool down your body by reducing the heat, you can choose the lemon or lime and also the cucumber as the natural foods.

  • Lime or lemon – Everyone can take a cup of lime or lemon juice frequently throughout the day for reducing your body heat. The lime or lemon have the best level of anti-oxidants, citrus content, vitamin C and a lot of other minerals to naturally reduce your body heat and maintain a proper temperature level. All the vitamins, minerals, citrus acid and some other anti-oxidants in this fruit will be really great to reduce the body heat and keep you cool forever.
  • Cucumber – Cucumber is also the best food for reducing the body heat. They are incredibly hydrating your body during the hot months thus it is crucial to intake the cucumbers often in your summer season. For the effective heat relief from your body, you just take the cucumber as your summer snack often in a day to always stay hydrated and cool. You can take the cucumber even in the juice format to cool down your body. Some of the individuals are also taking the cucumber cum lemon juice which is a great way to stay cool and hydrated at all.

Summer Fruits

Consuming watermelon and peaches:

  • During the summer season, no day is complete without eating the fresh juice or slices of the watermelon. Watermelon is the most favorite fruit of almost every person and everyone would often like to eat the watermelon in the hot summer months to cool down your body and also reduce the temperature level in order to avoid the unnecessary health risks. In the summer, taking the cooling foods like the watermelon is in fact acting as the internal air-conditioner to always keep your body hydrated and cool forever.
  • Peaches – Like the watermelon, peaches are also the best fruits to reduce the body temperature which will be increased in the summer season. It is another considerable cool and seasonal pick. It includes a lot of vitamins like vitamin A and C in order to promote the healthy skin and also reduce the amount of heat from your body. It includes only 35 to 50 calories for having the perfect diet dessert for you.

Summer Fruits

Choosing apples and pineapples to reduce body heat:

  • Apples – An apple is the most commonly used fruit by several numbers of the people. It has an excellent capability to reduce the amount of heat from the body. You can also pair the slices of apples with the peanut butter to have a perfect evening snack to control and reduce the temperature of your body. Apples usually contain over 4 g of fiber and 95 calories along with the type of soluble fiber named pectin. It has been found that this fiber content in the apple has the best capability to stop hunger in its tracks and also help in weight loss. Thus, all the doctors and health care experts are suggesting the people to take at least one or two apples per day during the summer season.
  • Pineapple – Pineapple is the most amazing range of the tasty and healthy fruit which also includes a capability of reducing your body heat from the higher level to the moderate or lower level. When you would like to make the pineapple smoothie, you can combine it with the spinach, banana, cucumber and also kale. All of these ingredients will have a capacity to cool down the human body by reducing the temperature level. You can simple take the pineapple slices every day for getting the best cooling effects. A pineapple is also the best source of the particular enzyme called bromelain that is credited to reduce the inflammation in the human body.

While consuming all of these kinds of fruits in the juice format, it is highly recommended using the larger amount of water in the cold temperature or room temperature to get the extra effects to fastly reduce the body heat. If you don’t get all of these fruits every day, you can alternatively use everything in the successive days for a week to always reduce your body temperature level and cool down it. All of these fruits are not only very helpful for your body heat reduction but they are also very effective to enhance your overall immune system and skin health better. The excessive body heat will reduce your skin health & body, and also immune system. When the body heat is reduced with the help of fruits, then the immune system and skin health will be automatically boosted to the new higher level with all related benefits.

Cancer-Fighting fruits you should be eating to overcome that deadly disease

Cancer-Fighting Fruits You Should Be Eating – Every year a considerable amount of people are dying due to getting affected by human killing diseases like HIV, dengue and cancer and many people are unaware that these diseases can be cured if they got notified by the symptoms of these diseases at its earlier stage. The cancer cells after forming in the body it shows a rapid and multiple growths of its tumor cell in the primary human organs such as breast of women and the pancreas and the liver and all these normal organs function is essential for living. Sometimes the cancer cells are forming in the skin and mouth part of the humans and the cancer cells will be turning into tumor slowly, and it affects the function of the particular organ which got affected by cancer and slowly it destroys the organ.

There are many reasons for cancer and one among them is often eating in the fast foods because the food substances that are used in the fast food production are mostly chemicals only which are unhealthy to the human body.  Cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking can also cause cancer, and present lifestyle of the peoples are also the reason for cancer like late sleeping, lack of physical works and eating whatever they got especially packed food items. There are many types of treatments are introduced for curing the cancer diseases, and all doctors will ask their patients to intake regularly Cancer-Fighting fruits to stop the growth of cancer cells at a certain level and to eradicate all those cancer cells. The fruits play a good role in curing many diseases like jaundice, and due to the medical benefits of the fruits the dieticians are suggesting their patients for often eat for getting natural weight loss, and due to the enriched nutrients and vitamins present in the fruit, it helps to decrease the level of mental stress of a depressed person.

fruits for cancer

Things to know about cancer-fighting fruits like cranberries, grapes

The cranberries are the best fruit for preventing cancer cell growth because it consist enormous amount of antioxidants and this fruit contains a specific antioxidant named anthocyanin, and it helps to reduce the growth of the free radicals in the DNA which ultimately cause cancer in the human body parts. The cranberry fruit also rich in vitamin C and this vitamin helps in preventing cancer in the breast of the women, and if you do not want to eat this fruit directly, you can use this fruit as one of the ingredients in smoothies or else you can add cranberries in the fruit salad mix. Grapes are the most important fruit that plays a good role in eradicating cancer cells and in the grapes outer surface there is a natural substance called as resveratrol, and this compound helps in treating the growth of colon cancer cells and also it reduces the strength of the cancer cell towards the human body. The doctors are advising their cancer patients to take grapes in daily food in any form because it reduces the tumor cells grown in the prostate gland and the grapes are available at all season.

fruits for cancer

Avocado and pineapple are the best fruits for fighting the cancer disease

Many people are thinking that avocado is a vegetable but the real fact is it is a fruit which is rich in good fats, and this fruit is known for the producing a better antioxidant for fighting the cancer disease which is called as gluten. Then this antioxidant helps in destroying the free radicals which present in the mutated DNA because these DNA allows cancer cells to proliferate in the human body. The avocados are abundant in the Vitamin C, and this vitamin helps in preventing the formation of tumor cells at the beginning stage itself. In a recent survey, there is an article regarding avocados and its benefits to the cancer patients, and it is stated as it is proven that carotenoids in the avocado help in preventing cancer in the mouth part of the face. The pineapple is the favorite fruit of the cancer patients because this fruit contains an enzyme called as bromelain, and this enzyme helps in breaking down proteins and kills the cancer cells that formed in all body parts. This enzyme reduces the pain caused by the cancer formation in a particular organ, and it increases the immunity level of healthy cells for withstanding against cancer cells.

fruits for cancer

Things to know about fruits like apple, banana and other berries regarding fighting the cancer

Apple is a universal fruit, and all human beings in the world can eat this regularly even they have severe diseases like typhoid and malaria and the apple has a substance called procyanidins which helps in destroying the cancer cells. The apple also contains compounds known as triterpenoids which shows a better effect in preventing the cancer cell growths, primarily in the liver. The bananas also help in destroying the cancer tumor cells in the brain, and the regular consumption of bananas can show better results in weakening the effect of cancer cells in the mouth region, and you can intake the banana fruit in the form of milkshake also if you wish. Most of the berry fruit types carry anti-cancer compounds, and the blackberries contain ellagic acid which inhibits the tumor genesis and also it removes a bunch of esophageal cancer cells. The blueberries help in fighting the colon cancer cells because it contains a natural substance called as phytochemicals, and the strawberries contain folic acid which helps in reducing the risk of cancer formation in the pancreas.

fruits for cancer

Things to know about fruits like kiwi, orange, lemon and pomegranate as the cancer curers

Kiwi is a popular fruit among the fruit lovers, and it contains flavonoids and carotenoids as natural substances, and these substances are helpful in the protecting the DNA from the oxidative stress of cancer. The kiwi also includes Vitamin C which helps in preventing the free radical destroying and the enriched vitamins in the Kiwi fruit helps in inner healing of cancer affected parts such as liver, lungs, and stomach. The kiwifruit also contains powerful anti-cancer agent who is known as catechin and this stops the spreading of cancer cells in the breast part of the women. The citrus fruit like orange and lemon etc. contains a bunch of vitamins and natural substances regarding the fighting of the cancer cell growth such as folate, beta-carotene, and potassium. The vitamin C from the lemon is responsible for destroying the cancer cells in the stomach part leaving behind the healthy cells as it is and the cancer patients can intake lemon in the form of juice daily. The pomegranate contains an antioxidant called as tannins which shows better results in healing of the damaged breasts due to the cancer attack, and it influences the natural death of cancer cells.

What are all the fruits that cure your fever?

When you are suffering from fever, you usually go to the doctor and get the prescribed medicines to cure it. But it is really amazing thing to control and cure your fever by eating the fruits. The fruits are rich in nutrition, vitamins and also minerals which will control the fever causing viruses inside your body and bring back your normal life. But at the same time, don’t go for the fruit based supplements to drink for controlling your fever because the natural fruits are only the safe and effective way to control your fever better.

Eating natural fruits is absolutely a good way to take care of your health to get more nutritional values in order to naturally cure your fever without the consumption of any medications. The following are the most suitable fruits to control the fever of the people and also cure it. Everyone even children can take such natural fruits when you are ill with fever. Such fruits are not only providing you several nutrients but they will also help improving your overall body immunity to get rid of the symptoms and effects of the fever as quick as possible.

Best fruits to cure fever:

Apple Fruits

  • Apple – Apple is really the best kind of fruit which is a right one to completely detox your body. When you have an apple per day, you don’t need to go to the doctor in your lifetime. If you are suffering from fever and you need to control it, you can take one or two apples in a day. Apples always help preventing your body cell damage and also increase the entire body resistance with the higher amount of the flavonoids. It as well as contains more amounts of antioxidants and several other vitamins to improve your immunity for controlling fever. Taking an apple will also give you more vitamin B and folic acid contents to help preventing the cancer and heart diseases.

Pomelo Fruit

  • Pomelo – It is a new type of citrus fruit which helps reducing your fever better. It is generally the vitamin C rich fruit which will provide you several health benefits to reduce fever, prevent cancer, lower your cholesterol levels and etc. These Pomelo fruits also contain some of the natural compounds named lycopene and limonoids to give you amazing health benefits. The vitamin C content in this Pomelo will increase the amount of white blood cells in your body thus it is the best resistant to the cold and fever along with reducing the discomforts regarding such diseases.

Banana to treat your fever:

Banana is the most famous type of fruit eaten by several numbers of people. But many of them don’t know bananas are the best medicine for treating your fever. When you have a cold and fever, your body commonly requires more amount of calories than you normally intake. If you are eating bananas, they will provide extensive numbers of calories to deal with it. A single banana fruit usually contains about 105 calories along with the highest content of the popular micronutrients such as magnesium, potassium and also the natural sugars. Thus, it helps everyone gets back your energy and overall health as quick as possible. While getting fever, you feel more body pain because it is a sign of lacking magnesium content in your body. If you are consuming bananas, it will provide enough amount of magnesium to reduce your body pain and give more energy.

Now days, it is the latest trend of making the banana tea as the syrup to cure your fever. If you are taking banana in this tea form, it will give you more energy and better feel to get rid of the discomfort situations. The following are the preferable steps to easily and quickly make the banana tea to drink when you have fever.

  • In order to make the banana tea, first of all you should have to wash a banana thoroughly and cut its two heads.
  • You have to boil it in the certain amount of water together with the peel. Everyone should need to keep the peel of banana for making this tea because it has so much of nutrition values. It is enough to boil it for about 7 to 10 minutes.
  • After that, let it cool and drink. It is better drinking this banana tea before you are going to sleep at night.

This banana tea is fragrant with the mild sweetness in taste. Bananas generally has tryptophan which is the ancestor to melatonin helping your entire body relax and regulate your sleep better.

Grapes Fruit

How grapes treat your fever?

Grape is generally rich in the fiber content and also the several numbers of nutrients in order to boost your overall immune system. It happens by increasing the amount of delta T and gamma cells in your body. The grapes can easily and effectively prevent and treat all types of fever. The nutrients existing in this fruit will be greatly beneficial to also preventing heart disease, cancer and also increase the blood level in the user’s body.

  • Everyone can intake grapes with the yogurt or in the form of juice in the morning and also afternoon time. It is definitely the delicious fruity dish and also nutritious to help controlling and curing the fever symptoms.
  • If you don’t like to eat fresh grape fruits, you can as well as eat dried grapes which are also known as raisins.

When you are taking dried fruits while having fever, it will completely reduce it and improves your body overall energy. A lot of studies have also proved that the raisins are very helpful to reduce the risk of different cardiovascular diseases. Instead of the raw dried grapes, you can also take raisin juice to completely detox your body and cleanse your liver.

All these suggested fruits are really great choices to eat for the best treatment of cold and fever by also increasing your overall body immune system and energy.

Fruits that help you to manage diabetes

All fruits are filled with vitamins and minerals and it is essential for our body. According to the recent research, it has been found that the diabetic individuals can eat fruits as well as root vegetables along with other food items in order to manage and prevent the increase in blood sugar, which can cause cell damage. Actually, there are a few diabetic fruits available that are beneficial to the diabetic people. In fact, the three super fruits can really help the diabetics to control their blood sugar levels. Each diabetic patient should remind in mind that the control of blood sugar is not only involving the medicine and treatment, but also controlling by the proper food habits.

The diabetics must avoid the foods high in fats and cholesterol at all costs. In addition to, the daily workouts are of major importance. If the daily workouts are not possible, at least they should walk certain distance in to keep their blood sugar levels within a normal range. Normally, the best fruits for diabetics are the fruits those are higher in fiber and have low sugar content. Commonly, it is well known that the sweet fruits can be very harmful for diabetics. The most common three super fruits that could helps to control the blood glucose level are,

  • Apple
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon

At this moment, one of the most essential concerns of both the physician and the diabetic patient will be to decide whether the fruits could help to control the blood sugar level in reality. But the proper answer is very simple. The low carbohydrate and high fiber containing fruits and vegetables can greatly helps to control the diabetes. The fruits such as apple and citrus fruits are very good for diabetics, which contain pectin. This pectin can highly helps in reducing the insulin requirements in the body and also supports to convert the glucose in the blood stream into energy. Also, the apple has vitamin B that helps to avoid the brain damage, which is one of the often worst effects of diabetes. However, the raw apple, cooked apple or apple in any other forms is all beneficial to the body.

Know the lists of best fruits for diabetes- Is the right concept?

According to the American Diabetes Association, eating fruits loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals are good to keep off diabetes for a healthy living. The main key factor is paying concern for the quantity of what you eat to add energy to your body. By just eating the low carb fruits, you can check your blood sugar level. Below are the lists of best fruits for diabetes that include:

Apricot Fruit

  • Apricots

The apricots are an amazing summer fruit that could be listed as one of the best fruit for diabetes. This fruit is little sweet, but low carb. Taking apricots in the routine diabetes meal plan is a great for the best reason in which one apricot consists of weighing about 15 grams and 18 calories to refresh the body energy. Consuming four apricots can ensure to give you 70% of vitamin needs for your body. However, these apricots are high in fiber source and you can also make a delicious salad by just adding some pieces of apricots and cereal to cold or hot milk.

Cherry Fruit

  • Cherries

In fact, the cherries are a friendly diabetic fruit, so the diabetic patient can eat this fruit without any hesitation. This fruit contains low carb components as well as have very low glycemic index. It is sweet and involves 60 calories with carbohydrates of 15 grams. Also, there are some bitter tasting cherries available that are loaded with antioxidants, which help to fight against not only type 2 diabetes, but also for cancer as well as a few other diseases. Now, the cherries are available in a fresh pack frozen, canned or also in dried form. But it is good to avoid dried and canned form as they are packed with some added sugar detrimental to diabetes. When you purchase, you just check the label about the amount of added sugar content.

Berries Fruits

  • Berries

Berries include strawberries, blueberries and other varieties available in the berries family. Regardless of your taste, selecting berries to eat is good for great reasons, which consists of benefitting antioxidants to help the diabetics. The presence of fiber contents and vitamins are low carb nature. Even a small cup of blueberries can provide you 60 calories as well as 15 grams of carbohydrates.

Durian Fruit

  • Durian

Durian can also be considered as the king of fruits. When it comes to diabetes, selecting fruits low in glycemic index is the best choice. Among the lists of fruits, this durian is a good choice of fruit for diabetics. In this fruit, the presence of sulphur can helps to keep managing the blood sugar in the blood cells and also nullify the hypoglycemic effects. The durian fruit also contains organosulphur components that stimulate the activities of antioxidant to balance the normal sugar levels in the blood cells. Overall, this fruit will be a safe diabetic consume in any form; because of its high nutritious values.

Fruits high in fiber

Generally, the diabetics can always select to eat more number of good fruits for diabetes in order to keep a healthy living. If you are maintaining the normal sugar levels, you can be very safe from all the risks followed by high blood sugar. Fiber rich fruits comprising the seeds and edible skins are the store houses of fiber component. In such category, you can be very safe to consume apples, blueberries, avocados, pomegranates, apricots, strawberries, pears and kiwifruit. Consuming fiber rich fruit is a natural way of managing diabetes without even exclusively based on the prescription medicines.

Bottom line

Therefore, the fruits for diabetes are always a very good concept to manage and maintain the normal sugar levels in blood cells. Of course, the fruits those are lower in sugar is the best suggested to eat. If you are eating one or more slices of sweet fruits, you are safe.

Finding the best fruits to cure ulcer?

Power of the natural fruits to treat stomach ulcers

Most of the men and women even kids are having a general problem of stomach ulcer due to the main reason of improper eating habits. Ulcer is nothing but the open sores in the line of the gastrointestinal tract. It mostly develops in the human stomach, duodenum and also esophagus. When the environments of these human body surfaces are too acidic which make their mucosal lines slowly erode, the ulcers will form. At the same time, some of the people are also getting the ulcer condition due to the spicy foods and extreme level of stress. A lot of scientific researches proved that the following are also the main reasons for the ulcers such as higher amount of acidity acid and long term use of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Acidifying fruits to be avoided:

Although the human stomach segregates acid for the digestion process of the foods, the special mucus is there to protect its walls from the corrosive process of this acid. When this protection layer of mucus reduces, the acidity stomach acid eats into the stomach line in order to form the open sores. It allows this stomach acid and as well as some other options of the digestive juices to erode the surface of the intestinal to cause ulcer. With the ulcer, the individuals get the severe stomach pain, disability of eating your favorite foods and so many other health issues. In order to get rid these health problems, it is better eating the following fruits which are the best treatments for the ulcers.

The best way to improve your painful ulcers and avoid pain is to avoid the beverages and foods which could increase the acidity level in your stomach. Some of the popular fruits actually contribute to the stomach acids so that you have to avoid them when you are under the treatment of ulcers. The citrus fruits such as tangerines, oranges, lemons and limes are the acidifying fruits to be avoided. It is also better avoiding the grape fruit and tomatoes because they are worst acidifying fruits which will increase the symptoms & pains of ulcer and as well as cause heartburn and acid reflux.

Safe fruits for treating ulcers:

The following are the best fruit options which are safe to eat during the ulcer treatment. They include,

  • Berries
  • Apple
  • Peach
  • Melon
  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Kiwi fruit

The people who are all suffering from the light to severe ulcer problems can eat these kinds of raw fruits or you can also drink them in the juice format. The normal people are taking the fruits daily in one snack or meal. But the persons who are all suffering from the ulcers should need to intake over 3 to 4 servings of these fruits in order to improve your ulcer symptoms.

Some other fruits are particularly helpful in relieving the ulcer symptoms and protect your stomach against the helicobacter pylori. Such types of fruits are known as the healing fruits for the extraordinary treatment for the ulcers. Cranberries, apples and some other natural fruit juices in fact contain more antioxidants and flavonoids to inhibit the bacteria growth and provide better benefits. At the same time, you can also take the fruits which are all rich in the fiber content in order to get the best range of anti-inflammatory properties.

Fruits Cure Ulcer

Major compounds in fruits to treat ulcer:

The following are the most popular food options which are highly suitable for the effective ulcer treatment.

  • Flavonoids – Adding the effective flavonoids in your daily diet will be a great treatment for your stomach ulcers. They are usually the special compounds naturally occurring in so many numbers of fruits and vegetables. Some of the popular fruits which are rich in flavonoids will be apples, water melon, strawberries, peaches, pears and blueberries. All of these fruits are really suitable to treat your stomach ulcer better and easier. They will provide the excellent healing effects on the ulcer to cure it.
  • Probiotics – They are nothing but the living bacteria and also yeast which give the significant and healthy microorganism to your digestive tract. So, they can surely able to cure the different conditions of ulcer in your stomach or digestive tract. The bananas are definitely the best source of the probiotics. They have enough amounts of good bacteria to heal ulcer complaints in your stomach and related portions.
  • Cranberry – Cranberry is a specialized option of the fruit which helps decreasing the effects and conditions caused by the stomach ulcers. You can eat the raw cranberries or in the juice format. Now days, you can also find the cranberry supplements currently in the market for the safe and quick treatment of the ulcers in the best way. There is no particular amount of consumption for relieving from the ulcers. But at the same time don’t eat too much cranberries because it may cause discomfort in your stomach or intestine. This is why it is better eating enough amount of cranberries or cranberry juice on the daily basis for the effective treatment of ulcers.
  • Elder berries – The elder berries are also the best option of the fruit to take when you are suffering from the ulcers and also the acid reflux.

When you are in the starting or severe condition of the ulcers in the stomach, digestive tract or anywhere, it is must to avoid using acidifying fruits and some other foods which will increase the acid in your stomach. If you are taking such allergenic foods, it will not only increase ulcer symptoms but also provide some other health effects such as heartburn, esophagus, indigestion and as well as some other discomforts. In order to avoid all of these unnecessary effects, it is always better eating the raw fruits or drinking the fruit juices mentioned here. These fruits are directly suggested by the doctors and some other health care providers to perfectly treat your ulcer conditions.

What are all the fruits that cure acidity?

Fruits that cure acidity: When you want to stay perfect then there is a need for you to take care of your health properly. If not, then you would start facing few small problems that would sure put you in trouble one day. The common problem that had been faced by all is acidity.

The acidity that forms in the stomach would contribute several health issues that includes

  • Ulcer
  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux
  • Erosion
  • Indigestion problems
  • Nausea

The change in the diet food can able to help you to improve your symptoms of stomach acidity and this can able to reduce the level of acid present in the system. When you want to come out from this problem then you can change up your diet structure and can able to reduce the level of the acid present in system? As like you can avoid the food that contains the high salt, fat or spice and as side you have to intake the fruits which would support you for boosting up the power.

Is this possible for you to control the acidity problems through having fruits?

You may think is this possible for you to control the acidity through having simple fruits daily? But yes off course this had been proven as well as one can able to easily get benefited after having fruits.

What all the problems that you would face due to the acidity?

First, you feel the heart burn and it is a continual form in which the acid move on from the inner pipes into the stomach and it would cause irritation problems in the inner lining.

This disease can able to create a long term problems that cause the burning sensations in the bottom chest area which had been mainly caused based on the burning of sensation in the lowest chest regions and its  run of the acid back up to the food pipes.

These problems would result in the acid as like taste in mouth, vomiting, chest pain and breathing problems and wearing out of teeth. When you left this as careless then sure at last it would result up in the gastro esophageal reflux diseases.

The list of fruits which helps to cure the acidity problem is as follows:

The yummy banana can able to make your tummy to stay acid free

The combination of bananas and milk has the special magical power to gradually pull down the acid secretion in the stomach.

  • The banana contains the protease inhibitor which helps to remove the bacteria from the stomach and bring the acid level low.
  • The banana would increase up the mucus in the stomach by creating a protective barrier to the stomach lining.

The juicy mango would make the acid to stay neutral

Can you just believe it the juicy mangoes has the power to reduce or neutral acid in your body by soothing irritations?

  • It acts as the antioxidants properties that act as the anti inflammatory agents for the stomach lining.
  • The thickness that had been present in the mango juice and pulp help coats the stomach to create a protective barrier which diminishes the acidity.

Mango Fruit

The fresh watermelon would help to make you to stay fresh

The watermelon would be so juicy and normally it would contain the amino acid citrulline that had been used by the body to make the amino acid arginine. With its help one can able to reduce the amount of ammonia in the body.

It can able to contribute to the overall acidity levels that had been present in the stomach which would be causing irritation and heartburns.


The pulp from papaya is good for your pretty health

The pulp from the sweet would help to boost up your energy level higher and it helps to fight against the heart diseases and diabetics problems. Even this helps to power up the bones health and to cure the asthma.

  • As well it is rich in vitamin K which helps to provide the calcium support for your body.
  • It contains the enzymes called as the papain which would helps to improve the digestions and reduce the heart burn.

Papaya Fruits

An apple a day keeps the acidity away

Normally you used to hear the proverb that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but in real life when you have your apple regularly even through that you can just send off your acidity from you.

  • In additional to that you can able to get the high calcium, iron and magnesium are also had been found up in the apple.
  • It is used for the healthy digestion and regular bowel movements that would reduce the acid and soothes the stomach.

Apple Fruit

Even you can have the peaches to get complete cured

These cute pretty cute peaches would belong to the peach family which would contain the calcium, iron, magnesium as well as vitamins A, B6, B12 and C. This had been helpful for tackling diabetics and other skin problems that had been colorectal cancer.

The tastiest orange can able to control the acid easily

  • The citrus fruits would give a yummy taste and it can able to give a natural remedy for you to completely give the relief from the heartburns.
  • It contains the acetic acid and ascorbic acid which helps to cure the gastric problems faster as well it cuts the acid reflux

Orange Fruits

The yellow lemon has the power to get rid from your problems

The lemon contains the antioxidants that had been rich in the citrus fruits which use used for helping in the aid of digestion problems. The glass full of lemon juice would help you to get rid from the gas and bloating.

If you pick up and use as like this types of fruits then sure you can able to stay away from the acidity problems. When you are fit then sure you can able to feel so cool as well as relaxed always.


What is constipation and Fruits that cure constipation?

Constipation Fruits – Constipation is the condition of digestive system where individual is having hard feces which are difficult to expel. Most of the cases, it occurs because of colon absorbed too much water from food. When it comes to the causes of constipation then it includes certain medications, physical activity and aging. Generally, constipation is illustrated as having less than the 3 bowel activities in a week. Infrequent constipation is normal and some of the people might experience chronic constipation which might interfere with their capability to go about daily tasks. Treatment for the chronic constipation might depend on part of underlying cause. It mostly occurs when stool or waste moves too slowly via digestive track or might be eliminated efficiently from rectum. Causes of the chronic constipation might include

  • Blockages in the rectum or colon
  • Problems with nerves around rectum and colon
  • Difficulty with muscles involved in the elimination
  • Condition which affect hormone in the body

If you are looking to get rid of constipation then you must eat lots of high fiber foods at your diet like vegetables, fruits, beans, bran and whole grain cereals.

Amazing fruits for constipation relief

Eating fruits is best ways to relieve from constipation and there are plenty of fruits are there which is sufficient to treat constipation which includes


As everyone knows pearl is delicious fruit which contain lots of dietary vitamins and fiber. It is cheap and readily available. According to the studies says that average size pear is approximately having 6 gram of fiber. Half of the fiber is found in pears skin so you must eat pears with the skin in order get maximum benefits. Pear juice or pear is really useful to prevent or reduce constipation.

Banana Fruit


Banana is famous fruit because of its taste, nutrition value and consistency. It is easily digestible so it is the best choice to toddlers and babies. It is having amazing amounts of fiber, vitamins and potassium. Average size banana might contain 3 gram of fiber which is ten percentage of your daily requirement. You must eat ripe banana in order to relive your constipation because unripe banana might make constipation worse.

Apple Fruit


Eating apple keeps constipation away because it is having type of fiber which is called as pectin. Apple is useful to soften stools and relive constipation. According to the studies says that average size of apple consists of 3 gram of dietary fiber. At the same time apple is rich in minerals and vitamins that it is useful to keep you healthy. However soluble fiber is found in apple because it is useful to lower cholesterol level in blood.

Prunes Fruits



Prune is rich in both insoluble and soluble fiber. Eating hundred gram of prune offers you seven gram of the fiber that is about quarter of your daily needs. It is having huge amounts of the sorbitol which might naturally occurring sugar with the laxative properties. It can absorb water and acts as the osmotic laxative.

Avocado Fruit


Avocado is unique among fruits because it has excellent fat content. It is having huge amount of the good fat which can minimize cholesterol levels. In a modern world most of the people love to eat avocados because of its cholesterol lowering effects. Fortunately avocados are having high fiber content and medium size of the avocado contains 14g of fiber that is more than the apples, pears and bananas. For your breakfast, you might make sandwich with creamy flesh of the avocados that could be best and easy remedy to your constipation.

Blackberry Fruit


It is the low calories fruits which are considered as the healthy food because it is loaded with the essential fiber and nutrients. Apart from that it is having special type of sugar that is also known as Xylitol because it is having laxative effects. Eating cup of the blackberries might make your bowel movements easy and soft.

Orange Fruits


Orange is useful to relieve constipation in 3 ways. First and foremost it is having significant qualifies of the fiber that is most important one for soft stools. Medium size orange is having three gram of fiber. The second thing, it has excellent amount of water and eating fiber rich foods without sufficient amount of water is useless because it may make constipation worse. Water content of the orange makes it completely easy to acquire enough water. Thirdly, orange consists of high levels of the vitamin c and it is having laxative properties.

Blueberry Fruit


It is the little fruits which is queen of healthy foods. This fruit is offering amazing numbers of the health benefits. Of course, eating blueberries are one of the best treatments for the chronic constipation.

Apricot Fruit


It is orange colored fruits which is surprising natural remedy for the chronic constipation. There is no matter whether you are eating fresh or dried apricots, it could be the good source of the insoluble and soluble fiber. It has amazing amounts of beta carotene which has powerful antioxidant properties.

Excellent treatment for constipation

If you are looking to relieve from constipation in natural way then you must stay hydrated. Increasing fiber intake might maximize the bulk and consistence of the bowel movements. Basically two kinds of the fibers are there like soluble and insoluble fibers. In order to prevent constipation, you must consume mix of the insoluble and soluble fibers. If you are constipated then you must do regular walks. Herbal laxative Senna is widely used to relieve constipation but you are advisable to eat fruits because it is useful to achieve your desire results.


Majority of the fruit is packed with the fiber. In case you find yourself constipated then you must drink big glass of water. You must pay attention to you eat and drink. Constipation is preventable and many natural constipation relief remedies are available that is useful to improve your bowel function. Certain factors might contribute to the constipation such as stress, poor diet, inactivity, imbalance in the intestinal flora and certain medications so try to eat healthy fruits.

Fruits that treat cough and cold?

When you have cold, it will definitely give so many health related issues like headache, sore throat, throat pain, breathing problems, runny nose, cough and more. Cold may happen due to the climate or season or when you eat so many sweets which immediately affect your throat to get pain. Some of the individuals are often getting the cold and cough due to the decreased immune system. In this modern world, everyone is going to the hospital to check their body and get the most suitable treatment to cure their cough and cold. But there are several natural remedies available to treat these conditions. When you are searching for the natural home remedies to treat the cold and cough, the following are the best and suitable fruits that surely cure these conditions.

Popular fruits for cold & cough:

Fresh and juicy fruits are the most suitable things to strengthen your immunity system to cure cold and cough. It is essential to hydrate your body often with the fruit juices regularly. The following are the most famous fruits which should be an integral part of your diet to give more nutrition.  


  • Apples – The apples are absolutely the most famous source of the antioxidants in everyone’s diet. Taking an apple per day will surely provide the best antioxidant effect which is equivalent to the 1,500 mg of vitamin C. At the same time, the apples are as well as loaded with the anti-infective features which will reduce and treat your cold and cough. If you are regularly taking apples, they can prevent cancer and heart disease.


  • Vitamin C fruits – Vitamin C fruits are highly beneficial to cure the cold and cough. All the fruits which are rich in the vitamin C will be greatly helping cure the cough and cold. Some of the popular vitamin C fruits are lemon, oranges, sweet lime, strawberries and all other valuable sources of the vitamin C.

pears, peaches

  • Fiber rich fruits – The fruit which are rich in fiber content will be greatly useful to strengthen your immunity. Once your immune system is strong, the cold and cough can be easily cured. The suitable fiber rich fruits to treat cough & cold include pears, peaches, melons and etc.

Other fruits to cure cold:

  • Grapes – The grapes are also the most effective fruit for the people who are all suffering from the symptoms of cough due to cold. You can eat the raw grapes or drink the grape juices which can ease your lungs and help relieving the cough.

guava, papayas

  • Hot fruits – The cough and cold might be caused usually by the seasonable allergies. When there is a change of season or temperature, many people are getting these allergenic effects. In order to get rid of these health problems, it is better eating the hot fruit or the fruit which will generate heat in your body. Such types of fruits are really beneficial in the treatment of the cold & cough. The fruits like guava, papayas, lichee, apricot and also the cherries are some of the hot fruits which will generate heat in your body in order to cure the cold caused in the summer season. When you are eating these kinds of fruits one by one for the few days, you can surely get the complete cure from the effects of cold and cough.
  • Cranberries – The cranberries are the best in the antioxidant effects and they are definitely the natural probiotics which will enhance the good bacteria to protect you from the effects of illnesses like cough and cold.


  • Bananas – The bananas are surely the flu fighting fruits because they are top sources of the vitamin B6 and also reduce cold and cough. The bananas are also high in potassium, and magnesium which help preventing the high blood pressure and heart disease.

Vitamin C rich fruits:

The fruits which are rich in vitamin C content can surely boost your overall body immune system. A lot of health experts are suggesting the patients who are all suffering from the cold and cough should need to pick the best choices of the vitamin C fruits which can perfectly fight against the cold and cough by providing the related infectious diseases. Lemon is the best fruit which is rich source of the vitamin C content. At the same time, it contains the extraordinary healing power of antioxidants to fight against the swine flu and all other infections causing the cold infections.

Now days, there are several options of the vitamin C supplements existing to reduce the health risks of the common cold. But they are dangerous with the additives and preservatives. Natural sources of the vitamin C are only the good choices for treating the cold and cough at all. Oranges are also the good source of the vitamin C to treat flu, cold and also cough. You can take oranges as the raw fruits or in the juice format to fight against the infection caused by the cold. If you are searching for the some other best sources of vitamin C, you can choose the kiwi fruit which are exceptionally higher in the vitamin C. At the same time, the kiwi fruits are also right in folate, vitamin E, carotenoids and also polyphenols.

Vitamin D rich fruits which reduce the risk of cold:

Vitamin D is another essential nutrient which plays a vital role in the treatment of the cold and cough. Whenever you are looking forward to the best fruit which are high source of the vitamin D, orange juice has 25 % of vitamin D to perfectly cure cold & cough symptoms. All the vitamin D fruits are also potent antimicrobial agent to kill the viruses, bacteria and also fungi to improve the immune system and reducing the effects of influenza, cold and also some other respiratory infections. The fruits which are high in vitamin D level can have the best abilities to reduce the risk of flu, cold and all other related infections.